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Lightglove Story:
Fast Company FAST50

Sufferers find "Lightglove"at the end of the tunnel

Minority Report: Stones Throw Away  article
Extreme Computing by Richard Chileea 



Chicago Tribune  

Dell  magazine

Nikkei Journal

New York Times CIRCUITS: 
On Your Wrist, a PC Controller That
Can Read Your Palm" 

January 8, 2004 
CES: The gadgets of 2004 
January 8, 2004

Fast Company "Fast 50"  2002
"Light the way with virtual control"

Chicago Tribune -
Business Section: 
Fashion Takes High-Tech Turn  
March 4, 2002 (Chicago Comdex)

Washington Business 
"Look Ma No Hands"  
January 2002  "Best of Business" issue

Dell  "Browser"  Magazine
(Spring 2000) -
"mouse scurries  toward future.."  
(photo of original mouse by Doug Englebart)




"The Big Idea"
Road to CES
w/ Donny Deutsch

Hardcore Tech
 "Attack of the Show" host
Kevin Pereira called our
tech "Wiimote for PC

Expert Panelist on
CNBC "Your Business"
Elevator Pitch at
PuR Lounge in
Las Vegas CES Special


inventor featured on
TechTV "fresh gear" 

  • CES 2004 Best of Innovation - Accessibility  :Las Vegas, NV 
    January 2004  
    Met Bill Gates and invited to Microsoft Home of the Future in Redmond for demonstration.

  • IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC),  October 1998, 1999, 2000-2004

  • Hammacher Schlemmer:  National  finalist for "Search for Invention 2001"  NYC -  9/11/01 (not a good day to be in NYC)



Tomorrow's Business
w/ Steve Mandell 


"Into Tomorrow"
w/ Dave Graveline
Lightglove CEO
M.G. Howard

Lightglove inventor
Bruce Howard
on Ziff Davis webcast 

  • Demo: George Mason Business Alliance Oct 2007 McLean, VA

  • Lightglove CEO interviewed on
    WMET 1160 "Bisnow Live" drive
    to work morning show

  • MIT Enterprise Forum of DC 
    January 22, 2002      

  • COMDEX 2001 (Las Vegas) – EDS,VP and Sr. Fellow Jeff Wacker,  wears a Lightglove
    during “Mobility” Info Session at
    the EDS Pavilion and mentions breaking barriers of thought like typing in beams of light.

National Cathedral (Washington, DC). Nov 19, 2001
CNN's Judy Woodruff monitors the discussion  "Technology and Ethics in the 21st Century" with Dr. Anne Foerst, Bill Joy (co-founder of Sun Microsystems), Dr. Ray Kurzweil (inventor of the Digital Synthesizer) and Bill McKibben.  After the lecture,  Mr. Joy suggested sending a Lightglove to Peter Gabriel and Dr. Kurzweil told Bruce he had heard of this since someone had recently sent him a link to the website.  
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Lightglove invited to participate  in a 
summer solstice webcast event June 21st 2001 
ECiti Cafe in Tyson's.