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4th US patent and international patents in Brazil, Israel, Germany, France & more awarded !


United States Patent



August 1, 2000

Wrist-pendent wireless optical keyboard


A method and apparatus is provided for sensing, encoding and transmitting electronic keyboard data, pointing device control signals and voice input. The apparatus includes a wireless device appended, for example, to each wrist of the operator. The wireless device utilizes an optical reflectance matrix detecting key closures, an inertial motion sensor encoding pointing device commands and sound acquisition circuit, all of whose signals are optionally multiplexed and broadcast at, for example, radio frequency or wireless to a local base station connected to the computer-based host system. The optical reflectance matrix includes a plurality of infrared LED's or other light sources sequentially illuminating columns in a plane below the palm of the user's hand, from which reflections from the user's fingers are detected along rows with a plurality of sensors such as phototransistors. The optical plane is penetrated by the user's extended fingers (or other obstructions), in an "air typing" action. Hand motion is sensed with two dimensional accelerometers and encoded to generate a pointing device control signal. Acoustic signals are optionally acquired in an on-board audio system which also provides sound feedback transmitted from the base station for two-way voice communications and to confirm input.