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Lightglove, Inc is a privately held prototype design house located in Northern Virginia. The company evolved out of Harmonics Research Labs which was formed  to create the technology and took the most important steps which was to protect the  Intellectual Property of this technology, with several patents having been awarded.  

This tech captures “human gestures” which is a universal language,  therefore international patents were filed and have been awarded creating access to the global marketplace.


After our CTO watched his mother suffer with severe carpal tunnel, he decided to figure out a better way for people to control the electronics around them while reducing the occurrence of painful repetitive stress disorders (RSDs). 

The success of the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move have confirmed a phenomenal and extremely lucrative market, our focus now is to provide the only no touch "air-guitar" and "air-piano" experience (using your cell)  on the planet.


Wearing a light matrix on your wrist, you only need to wave your hand and fingers to control your electronics and play cool games.  There are many advantages of wearing a device that allows you to interact with your computer or entertainment system.  Since the operating code for this new human interface platform was written to be cross platform compliant, all that is necessary to begin use with different host systems is a thin software layer.


Our current focus is in the area of computer gaming as mentioned above.  This includes basic interoperability with PC versions of major platform games as well as the various new musical applications suitable for integration into the industry leaders' offerings such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the eventual release of Disney's "Ultimate Band". 


Market size:

“Gaming Peripherals Emerge As More Than a Sideline”
Investor’s Business Daily:

According to the NPD Group, the accessories market is roughly 12% - 13% of the video game market...   Controllers will always be one of the top three categories because consoles come with only one included, and most games are multiplayer. 

Market potential:


Provided upon request as it depends on which market is being addressed.

Future Markets:

           Entertainment center:  remote control
           Smart House:  control house functions
           Space: no-recoil space typing          
           Marine: underwater communications (laser req'd)
           Industrial: robotics and industrial process controller         
           “Intrinsically safe” no spark
           Communications:  “intrinsically safe”, cell input          
           Accessibility:  Government Section 508          
           Presentation: graphics controller
           Computing:  ergonomic mouse
                      Medical:  Sterile input and patient controller

Medical Markets value proposition:

·         Sterile Medical Interface: reduce germ transmission in hospitals and other medical facilities estimated at a cost of $5 billion annually by the Center for Disease Control.

·         Assistive Technology: to help reduce costs associated with Bureau of Labor Statistics number one cause for absenteeism due to injury, Carpal Tunnel.  Annual cost to US companies due to lost productivity from the high rate of absenteeism of over $3 billion.

Please direct inquiries by phone or email to:
703.754.3032 / lightglove [at] gmail dot com




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