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     Intrinsically safe

      In the world of petroleum exploration and chemical production, the
      term Intrinsically safe is taken very seriously.  For those not in this
      line of work, the term is probably unknown.

      Briefly, Intrinsically safe means that the environment is extremely
      volatile and susceptible to fire.  Even the slightest spark can lead
      to a harmful explosion.  Therefore Intrinsically safe means there is
      a "no-spark" condition in place.

      To the uninitiated, this may seem an easy task such as don't light
      a match, however it's a bit more complicated. A little known fact to
      most is that regular electronics use mechanical buttons that create
      a tiny spark when the button is pushed.  This small spark has the
      potential to lead to a catastrophe so attention to every little detail is


     Lightglove Advantage:

      Lightglove is a patented disruptive technology based on the concept
      of using light to read hand and finger gestures. Since our technology
      creates an optical button, there is no actual physical button to push
      and therefore no spark is generated.    

      Originally developed as a minimalist interface for those with hand and
      finger mobility issues, it was later determined that the device could be
      applied in a "no-spark" capacity.  The fact that our device is a virtual
      button that is optically sensed creates a new opportunity for operation
      in various intrinsically safe environments.

      Lightglove is wireless and worn worn on the underside of the wrist like
      a watch.  LEDs scan the hand area for gestures and button motion
      information which is then relayed to a computer or heads-up display
      without creating a spark.  This state-of-the-art device can be configured
      to meet your specific application requirement.    

      For additional information regarding Lightglove specifications, please
      see our general technology page.  more

     Intrinsically safe basic principles:

      In many industrial processes, the presence of flammable materials (gases,
      vapors, liquids, dusts, fibers and flings) requires the adoption of safety
      practices to protect both, plant and personnel, from the risk of fires and
      explosions. An explosion or fire can occur when, in certain areas at certain
      times, an explosive or flammable mixture and a means of ignition, thermal
      or electrical, are present.  more
  (outside Lightglove website)

     Additional information:

  • Intrinsic safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electronic equipment in explosive atmospheres. wikipedia
  • An instrument in which electrical energy is limited such that it will not spark or otherwise ignite a flammable mixture.  more
  • Not capable of igniting a flammable atmosphere under both normal and “fault" conditions. more




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