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Video Links:   Air Piano   |   G4 Hardcore Tech  |   ALS Controller
Print Links:     Minority Report Tech   |   Mouse evolution  |   IEEE Scanner  |  Der Spiegel (German)  | Fast Co. FAST50  |  New York Times

“You gotta show this to Peter Gabriel.  He loves this kinda stuff.”  Bill Joy, Co-founder Sun Microsystems
“This is more sensitive than other things I’ve tried.” Peter Gabriel,  Musician and Technology Aficionado 
"Of what saw at i-Stage, I believe yours will have the biggest and longest lasting impact."
Jeff Pulver, Co-founder Vonage (VOIP)
"This is the future!” Noel Lee – Headmonster @ Monstercable.


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      Experience the next generation in
      state-of-the-art  human interface

     Innovative mobile device includes: 

            OLED screen w/ clock
            2GB micro SD card
            USB port and charger
            Ear-bud connection 
            Virtual motion detector


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Entertainment Fellow
Inducted w/ Shigeru Miyamoto creator of Zelda & Donkey Kong

CNBC Big Idea
w/ Donny Deutsch

News / Events:   

·         Inducted into the  World Technology Network as Fellows in
the  Entertainment category  along  with Shigeru Miyamoto,
creator of Zelda and Donkey Kong 
info here  CES Best of Show - Hardcore Tech
Kevin Pereira  "Wiimote for the PC" 

Disney's Best of CES & MAC World (invitation only event)

CES 2010 “no button interfaces” CEO MG Howard Panelist

IEEE Scanner: Lightglove’s ‘Gloveless’ Virtual Reality User


                Lightglove speaks the
       International language of gestures


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